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Newsletter Team

Nancy Asmundson


California, USA

Nancy Asmundson grew up hearing the story of an Icelandic orphan boy - her father - making good and becoming a successful professor in the United States. It was a story that Nancy’s mother (who was not Icelandic) would often repeat. Nancy and her mother had a shared interest in genealogy and enjoyed reviewing the family history they knew about.

Nancy has led a busy life and worked as a cook/chef, caterer, baker, database manager, administrative assistant, human resources manager, and an admissions and records manager. When she retired in 2020, she decided to follow her curiosity about her ancestors and join several genealogical clubs. Just a few months after retiring, in August 2020, a cousin in Vancouver told her about Icelandic Roots. She visited the site and was hooked by the extensive database and the ability to trace her ancestors back many generations and learn more about them.

Nancy spent eight days in Iceland in 2018 and enjoyed many tours, mostly in the southwest part of the country. She would like to go back to see and learn more.

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