Sheila Spence


British Columbia, CAN

Sheila was born and raised in Alberta. She has lived in Manitoba, Ontario, and since retirement in British Columbia. The secrets hidden in old family trunks in the attic and basement fascinated her as a child, so it is not surprising that she became hooked on genealogy. After 38 years as a public school teacher and vice principal in three provinces, she retired to volunteer for the next fifteen years as a librarian in her new island home.

Her Icelandic roots are on her maternal side. In 1893 her great grandparents and their four young children left Vopnafjörður for Mýrasýsla and then in 1894 emigrated to Manitoba.
Sheila has visited Iceland three times so far. On the first trip in 2009 led by Jonas Thor, she met many Icelandic cousins and discovered Canadian and American cousins on the tour bus.

Sheila has been happily trapped in the genealogy vortex for many years, building past lives beyond names and dates, and exploring archives and cemeteries in several countries. Having been a member of Icelandic Roots several years ago, she now looks forward to helping others learn about their own roots in Iceland.