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Susan Derry


Saskatchewan, CAN

Susan is 50% Icelandic, both of her paternal grandparents having come from Iceland as children. Although her grandparents were born within a five-minute drive from each other in Iceland, they met and married in Mozart, Saskatchewan. Susan grew up on the family farm north of Mozart.

Susan married her high school sweetheart, and they are still together after raising six children and welcoming in-laws and grandchildren to the family. Susan owns Bridge Counseling in Saskatoon and has been counselling for 20-plus years.
Susan has had a strong interest in genealogy for many years and was privileged to visit Iceland several years ago. Her favourite day of the trip began with a visit to the farms where her grandparents were born. She and her traveling companions then tried to get to the farm where a great-grandfather was born, but there was no longer a road to get there. They knocked on the door of the farm at the end of the road and met a lovely young lady who turned out to be related to Susan.

As an Icelandic Roots volunteer, Susan is focusing on tracking down death dates for people of Icelandic descent born in Canada as well as their families.

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