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ICELANDIC Community: Help Sought!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Man Searching for Birth Parents

Manitoba is one of the few remaining Provinces that has adoption records that remain sealed. Adoptees are left in many cases without knowing much of their history. I would love to know of my Icelandic roots. I only have non-identifying information about my birth mother who was approximately age 46 in November 1972 when she gave birth to me as a healthy preemie at Winnipeg's St. Boniface hospital.

ME: - I was born approx 6 weeks premature (4 pounds 9 oz and healthy) in November 1972 to a widowed Icelandic-Manitoba woman of approximately age 46 at the time.

HER: - If alive, this amazing woman would now be approx 88 years old. Information from the Adoption agency in Manitoba suggests she was still alive and in good health in 2003. She was residing in Manitoba (likely Winnipeg). - My birth mother was described in adoption records as an immaculately groomed woman, petite in stature, and of Icelandic Heritage. She was described as 5'5" and approx 115 lbs at that time with short blonde hair - nicely styled. She had grade 11 education with employment in retail sales. - She did not share news of her pregnancy with many people and mainly had her daughter for support at that time. - She had been widowed prior to my birth. Her husband had died accidentally in approximately 1956. (16 years prior to my birth.) - She had one child from this marriage. She was a grown woman in 1972 of about 20 years old. - This half-sister of mine was born in 1952 would now be in her early 60s. My half-sister was married and had a child in the year before I was born. In that sense, I'd have a niece or nephew roughly my same age (42 or so as of 2014).

HIM: It appears as though my birth father would have been somebody she had been seeing for a long time prior to my birth. He was divorced previously and he and my birth mom did not consider marriage. He was said to be of West German descent, though information on him is not clear. Inquiries have not yielded any more information regarding my birth father.

ICELANDIC - Maternal connection verified: -information gathered from DNA testing through confirms strong Icelandic connections on my Maternal side. I have connected to many 3rd and 4th DNA cousins using this site.

YOU: Thanks for allowing me to share my story with the Icelandic community. I've had a terrific and fulfilling life so far and am married with two children and a great career. I'm naturally curious about my roots and would love to connect to my birth family but it isn't consuming me. If I hope to connect with my birth mom, I certainly won't have too many more years to do so. If that possibility escapes me, there are others I'd love to meet! Please feel free to share any info with Sunna Olafson Furstenau and she will relay information to me!

Cheers, J.

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