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The Olaf Halloween and Snow White

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Today was the Halloween party at Olaf Anderson, the office of my husband and our son. Each year, this wonderful group of people prepare a very fun Halloween party for their children and grandchildren. This year, 24 children attended the party! All the kids dress up in costumes and so do many of the adults. I wore a Snow White dress. All of our grandkids, our son, and his wife were all in costume. A baby owl, 3 characters from Harry Potter, Minion, ninja, mermaid, super power, and Snow White. Fun!

Do you know the connection between Snow White and Iceland? The caricature was drawn by a man called "Cartoon Charlie" (Charles Thorson) and the muse was his fiance, Kristín Sölvadóttir. They are both of Icelandic descent.

Another Snow White (much cuter one) was also at the party.

Yes, the Snow White as we know her is the cartoon image of a girl who worked as a waitress at the Wevel Café and a favorite for Icelanders living in Winnipeg. Charlie had an eye for this beautiful maiden and they were engaged but Kristín returned to Iceland and they never married. A Facebook friend, Anna Sigríður, has a special interest in this story because the once-upon-a-time-princess is her mother, Kristín Sölvadóttir.

Charlie Thorson's given name was Karl Gustav Thorson. He was a cartoonist, illustrator, and character creator at Disney. According to the family, Charlie told Kristín that he would make her live forever in the character of Snow White and many years later, her caricature remains for us and the generations to come.

Hálfdan Helgason wrote a great article about Cartoon Charlie and Snow White. You can read it HERE.

I love telling the story of Snow White and it was fun to dress up for Halloween.

We had art projects and games.

There was lots of food and candy.

Here are the oldest and the youngest party-goers

2-Year-Olds as a Ninja and Harry Potter -- 2-year-olds with weapons!

And Princesses Galore! We had a very fun event.

You can see how you are related to Charlie, Kristín, or others at the Icelandic Roots Database using the very cool "Relationship Calculator." Hope your last day of October was a great one!

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