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IR - Footprints 4 Fun Challenge

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

This is an invitation for all individuals and teams from your Icelandic organizations, clubs, and your family to join us in a collective, fun fitness adventure.

The “Icelandic Roots - Footprints 4 Fun” challenge will begin June 20th and consist of two 4-week sessions. We will walk or move together with our "Cousins Across the Ocean" wherever we live in the world. We invite you to: Join, participate, win prizes, and more.

Charity Footprints encourages us to get healthy while supporting our nonprofit to help raise awareness and funds for our worthy cause. Your registration fee and all donations through this charity event will be used to support our Icelandic communities: Icelandic Language Scholarships, Snorri Programs, Educational Events, Conferences, and Icelandic Heritage Grants in Canada, Iceland, and the USA. If you have an Icelandic heritage or educational project needing a grant, please submit your request.

Register as an individual and/or create a team for just $25. You will receive a free webpage to track your steps. The mobile app is free for iOS and Android anywhere in the world. Your registration qualifies you and your team to win prizes! * link will open registration on June 20th at 12:01 EDT. Until then, it will show the registration as closed.*

Information will be posted on and the IR Social Media pages. Register once for both 4-week sessions. It is only divided into two sessions so we can give away more prizes! If you are part of a team, you qualify for individual and team prizes! So, designate the person in your group or family to form a team.

We will use the IR Facebook Group page for discussions and the Charity Footprints website to track our steps, share photos, and chat to encourage each other. You can sync the app to any fitness device, track steps from your smartphone, or you easily enter the steps manually into your personal registration page.

If you are only able to walk a little bit each day, do not despair. See how you improve by the end of 60 days. Gather your team together now and get ready to register. Challenge other organizations or family members to join, too. You can create a virtual route in Iceland or in your area. Prizes for the most creative teams, youngest, oldest, and many more prizes, too!

Some examples for your individual or team goals:

#1 Ring Road in Iceland 1,322 km / 821 mi

Hofsós to Vopnafjörður 362 km / 225 mi

Calgary-Markerville-Edmonton 331 km / 206 mi

Golden Circle 230 km / 140 mi

Reykjavík south coast to Vík 182 km / 113 mi

Toronto to Kinmount 179 km / 111 mi

Winnipeg to Gimli 90 km / 56 mi

Gather a team and add up your footsteps, maybe you could make it around the Ring Road! If your team had ten people and each had 2,500 steps/2.4 km/1.5 mi/day, you would walk Iceland together! The choices are endless. All are invited to participate.

Each person/team sets their own flexible goals and can change them as the weeks go on. Just do what is best for you! Gardening, yoga, cooking, golf, and shopping also count

towards your step count. It all adds up and can be counted at the end of the day.

The registration begins at 12:01 am EDT (4 am in Iceland) on Saturday, June 20th. We will continue for 8 weeks until August 15th. Please share this information. Gather a team.

Thank you from

The entire Icelandic Roots Volunteer Team

contact us:

Learn more about the team HERE.


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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