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Drangar Country Guesthouse

We occasionally get offers from Iceland guesthouses or travel agents giving Icelandic Roots Members special discounts on their services. Check out the guesthouse offer below which is for all people with Icelandic heritage from North America.

Góðan daginn, My name is Leana Clothier and I used to live in Seattle, but now run the prize-winning, architecturally wonderful Drangar Country Guesthouse on the Snæfellsnes peninsula with my Icelandic family. While I'm not a Vestur-Íslendingur myself, I've been connected with this community for a decade - I met David Johnson (IR Volunteer Genealogists and Emigration Team Specialist) while living in Seattle, and then went on to become a friend of Julie Summers (IR Volunteer Writer and Snorri Team) and Erin Jones (IR Public Outreach volunteer) through our studies of Icelandic together at Háskóli Íslands.
Anyway, our guesthouse is a "retired" dairy-and-sheep farm, located just beside the ocean, 40 minutes east of Stykkishólmur. Icelanders enjoy staying with us because guests sleep in what once was a machine garage and also the cowshed, and our farm buildings hint at history while also offering modern and comfortable lodging. We have had Icelandic guests who were sent to Drangar as children as part of going to "sveit," and they have fond memories of time spent here.
We are happy to offer a 5% discount from our normal prices for Vestur-Íslendingar who would like to stay with us. They just need to send us an email to book a stay. Here is our website: DRANGAR
I should point out that Julie had her wedding out in the fields of our guesthouse in the summer of 2020 and the entire wedding party stayed with us!
Kær kveðja, Leana

The Drangar Country Guesthouse won the Icelandic Design Awards in 2020, which honors the best Icelandic design and architecture annually.


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