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Snorri – An Adventure of a Lifetime

Updated: May 27, 2020

Prepare yourself for the biggest adventure of your life!

Would you like to…

…travel and learn something new? …experience something completely different? …meet people and make new friends? …stay with Icelandic relatives? …learn about Icelandic culture and language? …travel to some of Iceland’s most exotic spots? …volunteer in an Icelandic community?

The Snorri Program 2013 deadline has been extended to Thursday January 24, 2013

The Snorri Program is an opportunity for young people (18-28) of Icelandic origin living in Canada and the United States of America, to discover the country, culture, nature and language of their ancestors, and to create and/or strengthen new bonds with relatives living in Iceland. The Snorri Program offers an exciting six-week adventure starting in mid June every year, until the end of July. The program offers a unique experience of the country, its nation, culture and nature.

The program has been running since 1999 and 182 young individuals have participated successfully. It is a co-operative assignment between the Nordic Association and the Icelandic National League in Iceland.

To view the itinerary, read about grants from Iceland, and apply click HERE.

Various scholarships are available from your local Icelandic Club and other area service organizations. The INL of NA website has a listing of specific scholarships available for the Snorri Program and also for other educational activities.

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2013 is a great year to travel to Iceland! We have passion for your heritage and that’s why we created the Snorri Program and for those over 30 years of age, apply for the Snorri Plus Program.