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Cousins Across the Ocean Free Icelandic Cookbook Giveaway

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Icelandic Roots is always looking to grow the branches of its tree and find new cousins. That is why for the month of April, we will be running a traditional Icelandic Cookbook Giveaway. Any nonmember who completes a "Cousins across the Ocean Form" is eligible to participate and win a cookbook. You do not need to join Icelandic Roots to participate. Though we'd love for you to join us.

Icelanders and Icelandic descendants can be found around the globe. Stay connected to our shared Icelandic story by taking part in the ‘Cousins Across the Ocean’ project to keep our family ties alive across all oceans. If you have Icelandic ancestry then please fill out the form found here to record your family information on our secure and nonprofit genealogy site and preserve your family information for future generations!

One lucky person who completes the form in the month of April will be randomly chosen to receive the book "Uppskriftir: From Amma's Kitchen".

The recipes in Uppskriftir recipes are courtesy of the members of the Leif Eiríksson Icelandic Club of Calgary. Published in November of 2021, this book includes many recipes handed down from grandparents who used seasonal foods, available locally as in the early days of the settlements in North America.

The book offers a unique taste of the flavors of foods of our Icelandic heritage. Recipes in Uppskriftir include appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, vegetables, side dishes. main dishes, bread, muffins, cookies, candy, and desserts. The book even includes a "Cousins Across the Ocean" section with recipes from persons currently living in Iceland.

You can learn about how to join Icelandic Roots here. Most people only need to go back to their grandparents or to their emigrating ancestors (e.g., great-grandparents or earlier emigrants). We have an emigration team and they have done an amazing job to verify the emigrants from 1855 to 1914 and beyond. If you yourself emigrated, even this year, please include your date and location of emigration from or to Iceland. The form is available in English and Icelandic.

We hope that you will participate in our free giveaway! Then come and join us as a member!


Email us your questions or join the conversation on our Facebook Group.

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